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This page is a compilation of usefull resources for lab members including: sundry internet resources, lab safety information, and purchasing info. If you find something confusing, don't hesitate to excercise your scientific mind and ask questions.

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The Richard Lab on the Web

  1. Create a Parts registry/iGEM account
  2. Ask Dr. Richard complete the following actions (It will probably be best if you email him these directions):
    1. Log in to the Parts Registry
    2. On the Registry main page click on "users & groups"
    3. Click on your group name
    4. Click "edit" above the membership box
    5. Click "add a new member"
    6. Enter the first three letters of the lab member's name and choose from the list (the lab member must have a user account first)
  3. Send parts requests to

Lab Safety

Chemical Safety Training (initial)

All group members are required to complete general chemical safety training offered by Environmental Healthy & Safety. Follow the steps below:

Chemical Safety Training (refresher)

Each group member must update their chemical safety training annually after completion of the initial course. Follow the steps below:

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Purchasing Info

There are 2 main choices for purchasing project supplies:

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